Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet - student project

Thank you Irina for another beautiful class!

Flowers in a loose style are still very challenging for me. This painting was my third attempt at a loose bouquet... I've tried to use other reference image for the first two attempts and paint on my own, but I struggled to get the painterly look I was going for. Following Irina's step was the only way to get this project done, as she reminded me constantly to not overthink... Unfortunately I'm the 'spend 500 hours on a flower' kind of person :) 

I wish I had used more light/muted colors for this, but I'm really happy with my final piece. And I'm more confident to keep practicing in this painting style.


Wedding Bouquet - image 1 - student project


Wedding Bouquet - image 2 - student project


Wedding Bouquet - image 3 - student project


Wedding Bouquet - image 4 - student project


Thank you for checking out my project.

Happy painting everyone! :)

Rafaela Loureiro
watercolor lover