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Webster/Morris family crest

After watching the assignment film clips, I thought, 'Hmmm... This little task isn't as easy as it looks'. Because, to be honest I don't know a whole lot about my family heritage. I do know a little bit, but I didn't know enough to get started. So after chatting to my folks, I got down to business and drew up the rough below:

Some brief family history

• My dad's family (Webster's) were originally from St Ives and Penzance in England. They were tin miners and were bound to board a ship for Pittsburgh U.S. However, when they went to board the ship to immigrate, they were drunk after celebrating with family for the last time the night before. Unfortunately for them, there were two identical ships side by side... And they boarded the wrong ship and ended up in Australia... All of their possessions ended up in Pittsburgh, they were stuck in Australia, and they never saw their stuff ever again! True story!

So I'm thinking of using a ship graphic for the top part of the herald, with some Old English type as a little nod to our family heritage.

• My mum's side (Morris's) were from England and Scotland. I was recently lucky to visit the little place where they first settled in Australia. A tiny place called Avoca in the state of Victoria, Australia. 
All that stands there now is an old fireplace, but being there was a strangely emotional experience. I thought it would be nice to incorporate the fireplace in the bottom part of the shield, with a banner below displaying the Morris family name.

I think what's exciting at this stage is finding out more about my family heritage, and how our family is where we are now. 


I've only been able to complete a tiny bit of this project today as I've been busy, but I thought I'd post some progress anyhow. Pictured below is a representation of the old fireplace I mentioned previously, (which needs a little refining). I also considered something that represents my mum; she's a really keen gardener and so was her dad too. So I thought an icon of a small potted seedling would be appropriate. She's also the nurturing member of my immediate family, so I thought that it might work well. 

In terms of my dad, he's an earthmover, so I'm going to draw up something like a bulldozer or piece of farming machinery as a reference to him in the top half of the crest. Hopefully I'll find some time to finish off that bit tomorrow!


Here's another little update. Its still not complete and I need to make a few tweaks. 

I'm thinking of putting a map into the top left corner rather than a ship. In the top right section I'm going to incorporate a bulldozer or something as my dad is an earthmover.



A possible colourway for a t-shirt print.


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