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Website makeover

Several years ago I launched a Joomla website of my own and learnt how to add content etc through a process of trial and error. It is time to bring the site up to date. 

Although my site is an arts site not a hotel site, I am using the template provided for the class so that I can work along with the instructions.

Have been working through other classes to learn how to design a logo. It is still a work in progress so I have used the Joomla logo that was in the media manager temporarily. Have changed the style and installed a mod_weather_gk4_J!3 weather module.


Have replaced the weather module with a graphic, added a temporary logo and the contact module.


Have now added a slideshow.


Have now added a homepage containing a custom module.


Today I added the carousel module on the home page.


Today a worked out a better way of rendering the carousel images into the required format for that module. I can now include full images rather than partial.


Added sidebar modules today.


Added the module to the testimonial position today. 


Added the footer modules today with my own variations to suit the site.


Busy day today. Configured the large orange button in the message module and added to new menu items and pages.


As my website is not for a hotel, I have not included all of the plugins as suggested in the class, however, it is good to know about them. 

I am pleased with how the outcome of this class project.


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