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Website for Rockin' Redneck, Travis Whitelaw!

Travis Whitelaw

Roaring out of Texarkana, Travis Whitelaw's country-rock pounds a stake through the heart of political correctness. Brash, bold, uncompromising, and never afraid to take a stand against the arbiters of good taste, the "Rockin' Redneck" delivers take-no-prisoners epics with all the subtlety of a semi loaded with hog feed crashing a toll gate.

And that's just the ballads....


This class came along the day after I won a contract to redesign the website for singer / songwriter / and scourge of NYC's Upper West Side, Travis Whitelaw.  

So this class project will eventually be launched live on the web just before Mr. Whitelaw releases his latest album "Beer & Booty".  (That's right... Beer & Booty.  You can't make this stuff up, people...)

Homepage Requirements:

  • Whitelaw official logo
  • Banner featuring artwork to announce the release of "Beer & Booty" album
  • Brief intro text about Travis
  • Links to social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, other...)
  • Mailing list sign up
  • MP3 jukebox, with links to buy the album
  • Schedule of live performances

Looking Ahead:

I know this is supposed to be a one-page website assignment, but eventually I will need to include a navigation bar to other pages on the site.  The other pages will be:

  • About Travis and his band of ruffians...including bios for band members Kyle Luggit, Jack Woody, Randy Christian, and background vocalist, Miss Prissy Dickens who hails from the hollers of West Virginia.
  • Link to EPK
  • Press
  • Media (videos, MP3s)
  • Photos
  • Merch (albums, tshirts, ring tones, temporary tattoos, and beer koozies)
  • Contact Info (booking agent, press agent, and whatever other agents he needs) 

You can see Travis' existing site here (I swear to God I didn't create this):

Let's get this party started!



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