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Website for Fictional Cupcake Company

Hello. My name is Matthew Watson.

I am an aspiring graphic designer & college student from Southern California.

I have some experience building websites with HTML & CSS but to be honest I find the whole coding process to be a little tedious & boring. I'm excited to build a code-free website through Adobe Muse.

So far the videos have been quite helpful in getting me familiar with the features & functions of Muse. It feels so much more natural & intuitive than writing HTML and editing stylesheets. Angel is a great teacher. She seems knowledgable & explains things well. 

I will be designing a website for a fictional cupcake company that I made up.

I'm not sure if I want this to be a one-page site that you have to scroll through or a traditonal multi-page site that you have to navigate through.
I kind of like the idea of having everything (about, services, contact info, etc) contained on a single page (much like a landing page).
I would like to keep the content fairly minimal; a brief description of the company, simple explaination of services, a few photos of cupcakes, and the contact info (perhaps a map and mini-contact form at the bottom).
I want to be intentional about the use of negative space and have the focus be on the typography (and photos).

I loved those Muse templates from that Angel referenced in her video. I'd love to make a site of that caliber.

Hopefully I will be able to post some screenshots soon.


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