Website Project Statement of Work/Contract

Website Project Statement of Work/Contract - student project

Here's a sample of the contract I have cobbled together over the years with some of the great ideas I learned during this class. Adding some of the language Margot provided in her sample terms has helped me feel much better about the "completeness" my contract. I would have never thought to add in the Force Majeure clause and I did not have a very thorough Copyright clause.

While I am happy with it I have a few to-do's to finish it up:

  • Review the language some more and make sure I get it proofread again. Typo city!
  • Add the "About Us" section back in there. I used to include this but I can't remember why I removed it...
  • Re-order the cluases so they are in a more logical order
  • Use my real logo & branding
  • Fix the typography/document styles

I like the idea of using InDesign to design the document but I moved out of ID a number of years ago and started using Pages. I found Pages easier to manage super long SOW's that I tend to have to write (30+ pages on average).