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Website - First Pass

I have taken my first pass at my website, and would appreciate any feedback before I make my next pass. Feel free to tear into any aspect of it. My next pass will mostly include finishing up the text, entering all of the crawling text, google analytics, and so on.

One thing that is driving me crazy is the homepage alignment, it is slightly off from the rest of the website. All of the page properties are the same as any other page, I even tried deleting it and rebuilding it, but no luck in fixing the problem. Any ideas? You will see the slight shift going from that page to any other page on the website if you visit the link below.

The class tutorials are great, learned a lot. I tried Adobe muse when the beta version came out, and they were giving it away for free, good idea, poor exectution. Completely forgot about it until I saw this class, it is now almost everything that anyone could want it to be. Great class. 



Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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