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Webisode series logos

Working on a few logos for my buddies online Web series titled "Cruising", "My Spot" and "Take A Ride".

The shows are all travel / destination oriented as my friend follows a series of professional BMX guys..  Cruising is more of an adult documentary style show about his personal journeys and his passion for riding bikes. My spot is more of a short segment with professional athletes talking about ther favorite location to ride.  And Take A Ride is a more fast paced reality type show about a gang of knuckle head BMXer's that travle the world together.. Anyhow..  Hope you enjoy my doodles..  Cheers!

Below are a few of the thumbnail sketches for the series logos.  Let me know what you think..  

We then decided to go forward with a logo that is more Text oriented rather than design. It needs to read well on screen and not be graphiclly overwhelming..   Below are the first round of Concepts for the Cruising Series. 


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