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Aisha Kristine Chong

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Webcomic with Kris

Okay. This is my first try - I was thinking of wanting to drop this step and just go along with whatever - but then.. I just told myself - what the heck... I'll give it a try then. I like learning about art and digital artwork and this is because I feel I wasn't gifted enough in traditional drawing and sketches, lol. As expected - I find hard to even sketch as I was creating my character. 

At first.. I tried using a Sketch App on my iPad to draw as a first dryrun.

I never use the app so it was my first time as well and this is what I ended up with...


I was thinking - for a sketch on ipad it wasn't so bad.. so.. why not try to draw it on a paper (since I am much worst drawing freehand on gadgets than paper, lol!) then maybe I can try to enhance it in a way or so... and after much struggle this is what I ended up with.. (I am seriously having troubles in drawing the character in different angles since I have always just focus on practicing too much with characters facing front view. Here is whar I ended up with...


I don't think that would be the final outocome - so I have to tweak on illustrator how it looks like, etc.. I am also having trouble with the expressions - which actually surprising on my part since I remember way back - expression of character is one I have been addicted to the most when in comes to drawing... So anyway..

As for Kristine's Character Features and Personality:

- Big Eyes (eye catching)

- Brown Wavy Hair

- Side Swept Bangs is her trademark hairstyle

- Girly (fashionable) but tends to have a geeky and bum side yet really driven with the things she wants

- Acts like she doesn't care (but is actually sensitive and emotional)

- Always interested with exotic, unique and mysterious things

- When she loves - she gives everything completely

- Very Positive and Optimistic

- She tends to easily learn anything and everything but always is never good with anything related to art and graphics in which she secretly likes

- Most of the time oblivious with men who shows interest towards her - as she has her eyes with only one person

- Shorts and Dresses are her thing - wearing pants is never an option to her.


Ugh. I am taking a very long time as I keep screwng up re-creating it on illustrator lol - but i think this would do.. for how my character would look like. I had a very tough time in the side position...  since I never really drew one before. So far.. I like it. I'm now off.. to getting to the good part on creating the webcomic *i think, lol*


I know it's probably not the best - but I kind of really like how the it all went out. :) Totally worth the time - even though this shouldn't take me too long - it took me many hours to finish.. >.<

I went ahead and did my first ever webcomic - and here it is!


For some reason.. it seems that the text was too small so I tried my best to at least change this... and here is the final one:


What do you guys think?

Hope you had fun on my first webcomic!

(Bleh.. I kind of wish I was able to give my character more movement and action.. but I am seriously having a hard time in that.. >.<)


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