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Webcomic Characters

NOTE: You can watch my process on YouTube! You can also +watch me on deviantART!

René is a webcomic that I've been working on, off and on, for a while now. I've always gone "with my gut" as far as character and landscape design is concerned, but I've decided that it's time to put some serious study into HOW and WHY I draw what I draw.

The webcomic is a sci-fi, post-apocalyptic story about the horrible cost of perfection. One woman finally begins to question the ultimate society she lives in, and she discovers dark secrets. It may or may not also be a sappy romance. #win

So here's my first assignment! Roughing out my character, Amadeo. He's not the protagonist, but he's one of the main characters. My theme is basically "scifi hoarder." He hoards.Amadeo Sketches 01

And here's the video of me drawing!

Update 2

I picked 5 thumbs to refine... I think the second from the right is the one I'm going to refine further :) But I'm also thinking about the second from the left... I guess I could do both :D

Update 3

I felt like this pose had the most potential, so I went with it :) He doesn't necessarily look like a hoarder per se, but I like the rugged, hobo-esque look. I'm wavering between the far left and the middle one... I like the idea of seeing the bandage on his arm, but I also love the long coat.

Update 4

So here we go with variations! I lost the "hobo" look a bit in the left two, due to suggestions from my 10-year-old nephew, who thought "something was missing" until I added the android/robot arm.

I actually really like it :)

Update 5

So my sister suggested that the bag didn't really match anymore (since he wasn't so hobo-ish), and suggested he get a motorcycle/speeder. I doubt I'll keep it, but I am really liking the robot arm :)

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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