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Webcomic Challenge!

Hey guys! Our names are Jovan and Kadir, and we have some sort of an idea for a webcomic? I'm a twin in real life, and my twin's name is Jovan, and he's older by a minute(I will never live that down lol). So being a twin isn't exactly a normal lifestyle y'know? So I was thinking of doing a webcomic of me and my brother and all our crazy adventures as twins. The setting would probably be a high school/our house/just around a town. I would probably exaggerate the story a bit to make the story a bit more exciting though haha

But anyways, below me is a drawing I did of me and my brother. He's the happy-go-lucky one hugging me, the one who loves personal space. :P I guess it kind of relates to our real selves too, people tell me all the time that I'm more sarcastic and snarky, while my brother is more kind and nice.


But um, yeah! Im actually really excited to do this, and it looks like we have a bunch of talent here as well! Thanks for checking me out guys! :)

First Part: Faces

Finally got around to doing the first part of the assignment which is the faces, and I think they turned out okay! Sorry about the last two ones that are kinda random haha, I think I ran outta room there.  I'm not that great at drawing females so I think I'm going to practice more of that aspect for the next part! Thanks for viewing! :)



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