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Webcomic Challenge

Ok so i started digital painting not too long and i fell in love with it so much fun and then I found Kienan Laffertie`s videos on youtube and he inspired me to draw more and now i finally i found a class where he teches his wisdom? Sign me up! Not that good yet but i will eventually get there.

So yeah here is the first assignment; 10 different faces

will do the 2nd assignment soon enough :p

Ok so now i finished and nailed the 2nd assignment...well sorta of .:p It was really fun exploring new areas of different body structures and using a different yet simple and flowing way of drawing bodies. Now onwards to the 3rd assignment.

Ok now i started designing my characters. They are my characters for my web comic called Psy High . Based on the novel of an excellent writer; Rebecca Slitt. I liked the story and so I am doing a web comic on it featuring my character Shane Lee.(The one on the left) The one on the right is his best friend Alison Green. So far made the measurments of both characters and the clothing. Next will be refining and inking :3

Ok now some refining done.

Inked! YAY! :D

Finally Colored and done :P! Had so much coloring my characters and satisfied to finished in time. Will practice more my colouring and inking techniques more more now. Looking forward to next lesson.


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