Gabrielle Lui

CEO - Dragon Eye Films



Web series about Dating

P.s. not sure if this is the right "project" I am supposed to post. Dating in this digital age is tough. My friends and I have so many stories, many that are unbelievably hilarious. i am developing a non-linear webseries about different people and their experiences on dates and other interactions with the opposite or same sex. I expect the genre to change between storylines. I wish this project to expand further so I can continue to follow some of the characters and dive deeper into their lives. I really would love to incorporate as many female directors in this project as possible since at my school and most of the industry is male dominated. Although I already have many male directors lined up to work on the project as well. The project originated to be a Webseries for women about women by women, but I have let it grow because i simply could never just make films with just women. For now the web series is going to film in Winston-Salem, NC. Currently I have a few people writing different webisodes for this webseries. We are getting together soon. If you are a writer and are interested in working on this project I would love to start a google hangout with everyone to start an online "writers room." Right now I expect each webisode to last a max of 10 minutes. Let me know if this project interests you at all!


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