Web Writing Secrets: Final project sample for Speedtest.net

Web Writing Secrets: Final project sample for Speedtest.net - student project

Write one sentence identifying your industry and offering:

Speedtest.net has free apps that help people test their internet connections.

List three to five keywords that are relevant to your industry:

  1. internet speeds
  2. internet connection
  3. download speed
  4. increase my download speed
  5. why is my internet so slow?

Create your audience brief

Identify three places your audience goes online and what that says about them:

  1. Twitter. My audience is looking for fast answers to problems they have.
  2. Downdetector.com. My audience wants to know if something’s working (right now).
  3. Individual ISP pages. My audience is looking for solutions to problems they’re having with their internet.

Name three needs you think they have that you can help with:

  1. We can help them diagnose and fix connectivity issues.
  2. Providing independent speed information so they can communicate with their ISP.
  3. Sharing internet speed information about different locations around the world

List five words that are specific to their lexicon:

  1. WFH
  2. Remote work
  3. Digital nomad
  4. Work from anywhere
  5. Home base

Write one user story statement that distills down who you’re writing for, what they need, and what you hope to accomplish with the piece:

I am a remote worker looking for cheap places to live that have ridiculously good internet speeds so that I can relocate without changing my job (and spend more time with my family).

Create a simple sketch or outline of the story you’ll be telling:Circle your point of view:

I used both third person and second person

Name the conflict you’re identifying and solving

Helping people find affordable housing markets that have fast internet.

Circle the story order you’ve chosen:


Identify three points you’ll illustrate along the way:

  1. Moving to a new market can help you save money
  2. These markets have the best combo of internet speeds and affordability
  3. These markets have super-fast (gigabit) internet

Name two literary techniques you want to focus on.

  1. Anaphora
  2. Assonance

Write and edit one draft of a blog post (300-700 words) that answers your topic statement and incorporates the literary techniques you’re practicing:

See the finished piece here: https://www.speedtest.net/insights/blog/best-metros-remote-workers-2018/.

Isla McKetta
Creative writer and head of content