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Elizabeth Ferguson

Interested in digital & analogue design solutions.



Web Typography

I did my best to create a series of my own mini-pages to explore web typography concepts taught in this course. I didn't know how to post these properly, so below are screen shots (they do move in real life!).

These don’t look as great as I’d like. I was so focused on the code that I didn't pick a color palette or set of fonts that actually go together...  

But it was useful to “kick the tyres” as Simon recommended, because I learned what I don’t know and that’s a healthy start!

For example, while I understand the CSS fundamentals of modifying containers, I don't know enough to manage the mix of percentages and precise measurements given in the starter code to perfect spacing of elements/text on the page. But now I know what to look for next time.

In the end, while personalizing this code at a granular level was beyond my current knowledge, this course helped me go further in web typography than I would have on my own.

Thanks for the course, Simon!






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