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Web Design for Accessories and Jewelry Designers

I just quit my day job to start freelancing in web design and merchandising for jewelry and accessories brands. I want to come up with a plan to get my name out there as an industry pioneer in my unique approach to the traditional web design service. 

The problem with websites designeed by typical web designers is that once you have the website done, they walk away and don't leave you with the tools to make edits or updates. Websites for product based businesses have to constantly be maintained in order to remain fresh and active. Hiring a programmer or designer will charge you a lot of money and they can often be unreliable. This can be an expensive hassel to a business owner. I offer quick, great looking websites that integrates all existing social media and ecommerce  and then I can either maintain it for them or show them how to manage it themselves. 

I am a jewelry designer and mostly self-taught web guru and graphic designer. I know how much work it is to manage everything and how much help it is to have someone take some of the pressure off. My network of designers trust me and know that I speak their language because I'm a jewelry designer too. 

I'm now striving to position myself as different than other web designers. 


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