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Katelyn C.

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Web Design Bootcamp: District UX Book Club

District UX is a user experience design book club that I started in the Washington DC area earlier this year. I've been wanting to design a website that can provide information about our group, details for our monthly events, book announcements, and can also serve as an archive for our previous meet-ups/books.

One thing that sets us apart from other local design book clubs & meet-ups is that we're a small, dedicated, open-minded bunch of creatives. Too many meet-ups are focused on just networking. They can feel isolating and artificial. We strive to welcome anyone with enthusiasm for UX design, and we want to cultivate genuine relationships with our members.

With this goal of communicating our open, creative atmosphere, I put together some notes for our website.


Next, I looked at the design schemes of other local DC meet-ups and book clubs. I did not want District UX to feel too similar to other design groups in the area.


After evaluating the competition, I looked through COLOURlovers for inspiration and played around on Coolors.co to develop two color schemes that had the bright, friendly, cheerful look I was aiming for. I already had a basic logo developed (the DC flag on top of a book). Using a photo from our inaugural book club event, I tested my two different colors schemes. I also used Geri's worksheet to show the color variations with the logo, tints, and shades.

Color Scheme 1: Mustard & Teal



Color Scheme 2: Blue & reddish-pink



Let me know which color scheme you think works best for the District UX book club site and why. I'm excited to hear your feedback!


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