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Web Design Bootcamp - Color Palette for Online Boutique

I enrolled in the 30 day bootcamp: fundamentals for designing on the web. I just finished this skillshare class and learned a lot! I decided to create a color palette for an existing clients website that I’m just starting to design.

As a bit of background on the client: She is starting up an online boutique for handmade clothing. 10% of the proceeds will go to charity, and she already has an existing logo with red in the design. She wants the website to be classy, welcoming, clean, & crisp. Her client base is broad - she wants to appeal to all ages, as she has products for both adults and children. She wants to encourage awareness & support philanthropy through selling these handmade, artisnal items.



I decided to look through Pinterest for color inspiration. The first photo I used for the color palette above. I really like the blue/teal as a complimentary color – I could see it being used for small pops of color throughout the website. It comes off as a little more fun and welcoming than the second palette to me.


The second image I used for inspiration is more subdued. I think it’s a little more classy and will provide her with that clean-lined, crisp look the client has in mind. It gives off a more cozy & comfortable vibe to me.

Appreciate any feedback on the two color palettes above!


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