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Weave a Statement Necklace


I just finished editing a sample lesson showing how to make a quick and simple loom.  Click here to watch.

Here is my introduction video.  You can watch it here!


Hi fiberart lovers, crafters, makers, and creatives.  I am really excited to present my class on weaving.  I have taught weaving workshops live and am looking forward to applying everything I've learned from teaching to an online class format.  I hope everyone will want to share their creations because that's pretty much the best part.  :)

Class description:

Learn to make a mini weaving for a unique statement necklace.  I walk you through everything you need to know from making a mini loom to finishing techniques for a professional look.  After this class you will be ready to create wearable art! 

Class project:

Complete a mini woven necklace, take a picture and post it.  I love to see what my students' create and am always amazed to see the variation and style each person brings to their piece.  Optional: tell me about your inspiration, who you made it for or any other details you want to share about your weaving. 



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