Edgar Burgara

Visual Designer



WeatherWear app (name subject to change)

>> STAGE 1

So after reasearch and brainstorming, I placed my ideas on paper and now have divided them into the following components.

Common features in apps - Temperature, time, location, humidity, sunrise/sunset, wind, current condition, His/Lows.  Some of these may be omitted. 

Ideas for Features of Differentiation -

Rather than just having static imagery, I think I might also include motion graphics / animation.

I want the user to feel the weather, instead of just seeing how it will be.

I'm considering using a daily element of surpise, such as a "joke of the day," to keep the users coming back.

I thnk suggestions on what to wear may be a good idea, and maybe add an "add event to to calendar" feature so people can plan something if the weather is nice.  

Target Audience - What is the demographic, location, lifestyle (etc.) of the target user? Knowing this will help me determine what common and custom features to add, and what aesthetic to use.

Aesthetic - I'm considering either an illustrated or a photographic approach.

>> STAGE 2

Concept Development

I further brainstormed and sketched and came to the realizaiton that people often check the weather to figure out what to wear. I then thought, why don't I make an app that makes clothing suggestions. And better yet, the suggestions are from companies, who pay to have their product advertised on the app! Brilliant right?!

The suggestions would reflect the weather and the style of clothing you wear. Everyday the user will be presented with an outfit's worth of suggestions. By shaking the phone they will be able to get another outfit. They will also be able to like items and refer to them by cliking on My Likes. Also, user will be able to change styles by going to the settings. 

Structural Development

The following wireframes are the result of hand drawn sketches (not shown) that helped me determine the logical flow through the app. Omitting the aesthethics in the wireframes below helped focus on the structure and functionality of the app. In the next phase I'll focus on making everything pretty by adding color, icons, and images! :)

Please leave feedback on my progress. THANKS! 


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