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I have been working on this project for  while now and finally I've decided on a concept that I like. "WeatherGram", an Weather app for Instagram lovers.  This app give all of the usual functions of a weather app while also showcasing photos of what people in the your location/area via Instagram are doing based on the weather. So if its sunny the app will display instamgram phots pertaining to sunny weather.

My Sketches.

Here is what I have mocked up so far

The Home screen shows the current location, weather, and  5 day forecast ( user would have to scroll to see more days). Swipe left to view other locations and use the icons at the bottom to 1.add and delete locations and 2. Settings, Change/add instagram username(needed so that users can like photos).

Clicking on the current day will show hourly forecast.

Toggle bar with list icon to view and hide instagram photos.


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