Wear a two piece bikini! (Even with pregnancy Tiger Strips)


Sooo... Goal 1: Finally be 125 lbs by summer may 2013. that I have been striving for from 245(with baby December 2010) 230(without baby January 2011). So now January 2013 I am 150 lbs. I can lose 25 pounds in the next 5 months. If i lose 5 pounds a month! I can do this! To be bikini body ready!

            HOW TO GET THERE: Doing the whole 90 days of p90x2 and zumba once a week   starting   two weeks ago.

                                                  Then get back to running and weight training in summer.


Goal 2: Mentally accepting my body for what is! Ever since my pregnancy i can not except my stomach because it is covered with stretch marks! But this year getting to the weight that i have always wanted to be i need to accept them for tiger strips or battle scars : ) !

Goal 3: Try to take my dogs and child out in the fresh air and sunshine once a day!

Goal 4: Eating carb and sugar free through the week days and not going crazy on the weekends but have a cheat meal once a day on weekends. ( doctors orders by the way. I cannot process insulin correctly ans get inflamation in my organs... Short version)


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