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Wealth of Nations Brewing Company label

This is the mood board I've put together for a beer label for a friend's upstart micro-brewery. My friend's name is Adam Smith, and he calls his brewery "Wealth of Nations Brewing Company, in reference to that other Adam Smith. The label I will be creating will be for a variety called "Manly-Festo Red Ale". 

I want the label to be mainly type driven, but I plan to include imagery that suggests industrial revolution era through early 20th century industry. The imagery will be kept simple and stylized. The colors in the mood board reflect the color palette I plan to use in the label. Golds, Reds, whites will be drawn in colored pencil on black paper. 

Some sketches to work out the final design will come up next. I can't wait to get back to work on this and see the work others have created. 

Doug Malicki


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