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"We were made for each other" Greeting Card

Hi All,

This is my second attempt at hand-lettering after taking the class and I'm personally very happy with it. 

I decided to enroll in this class hoping to learn a new skill that I could translate into my Etsy shop. The design here below is now a pretty cute greeting card and I look forward to making many more of these. 

Here is the final product:

And this is how it all started....

#1  - I began by writing down a bunch of quotes/phrases I wanted to make into greeting cards. 

#2 - For inspiration, I looked for lettering examples online. I created a Pinterest board and found a couple of free books on archive.org 

#3 - Then, I started sketching a few ideas

I should have probably spent more time coming up with different sketches but my initial one was very close to what I had in mind for this card, so I just went with it.

#4 - I traced the drawing a couple of times to remove some of the obvious flaws

#5 - After that, I started inking.

#6 - Because I don't currently have a scanner at home, I had to take a picture of the drawing with my iPhone and spend several minutes in Photoshop clearing the image up.

#7 - Once I was happy with the results from Photoshop, I transfered the image to Illustrator and vectorized it. 

#8 - The hardest part of all for me was to come up with a color palette. I resorted back to my Pinterest board for color combinations I like and then dragged a couple of the images into illustrator so I could play around with them.

#9 - Once I found a group of colors I was pleased with, I moved on to adding some texture to the background.

#10 - I spent a good amount of time trying to decide whether the text needed texture as well or not. In the end, I chose to keep the text unaltered thinking that too much texture would make the overall design a bit too busy.

Even though I'm happy with the end results, I realize this is just a second attempt and that I need to continue improving.

I welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have and would love to hear your thoughts on how do you deal with color selection and/or adding texture.



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