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We don't carry those. You should try at Walgreens.

Actually, this in not something i heard on a song or read on a book, this was a more personal situation, but was one of the most hillarius situations i've been on... and the phrase stick to my head forever.

To summarized this, we went to a sephora and ask for some of the products (that, now i know, are very standard to stand at those shelfs) and when we were walking out the store one of the ladies, said 

"mmm we don't carry those... You should try at walgreens"

So inmediatly, that came to my head as the "most exclusive" make-up store in the world, and that i was pretty naive asking for the most regular, standard, all-women-use-that product on the earth!

So i think is going to be difficult, but i would really like to try it!

Feel free to help on this one, because i'm nothing close enough to an ilustrator, but i like really like lettering.



We came wth this new idea of presenting this classy girls at the begining and by the other hand, this "regular ladies" like this campbells campaing (ladies who don't buy at sephora / apparently like me/) side by side on the "walgreens"


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