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Orlagh O'Brien

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We asked a conference of lawyers...

Myself and collaborator Niamh Gunn want to know what's happening for Irish people right now. We are asking in a right-brain/heartspace kind of way, rather than facts and figures.

We set out to develop a survey which could ask about feeling, hopes and stories. We're exploring methods of questioning with drawings, colours and words.

We hope to interview different groups and visualise the results. We have tested university students, delegates to a law conference and attendees to a well-being centre. 

This is the colour chart I created in CMYK and use for ongoing research. 

You can see preliminary results of the students' at pulseofthepeople.ie

The major challenge of the project is workflow. Because we are recording drawings and colour selections, results are manually input from paper forms, and assembled in Photoshop and Illustrator. Much like what I did for this project. 

Learning here is my first step to explore using code to visualise the database. It would be great to be able to assemble svg files, recolour and animate. 


At the beginning of the law conference we asked: "What colour do you associate with how you feel?" Below you can see the database and first Hype results to the question: 

Female (30 respondents) top circles, Male (24 respondents), bottom squares. Using a random output to 120 shapes, as this is the lowest common multiple of both groups. 

I'd like to try combining the results into one visual. It would be great to define all my colour swatches in a meta list, and then write color sets for the gender group results using an array of the swatch names. (The only coding I have done to now is very basic html + css). 

It's been great to even get this far!


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