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We are the Music Makers...

Nov 29th :: The Re-Beginning

After a false start with a first quote that I wasn't fancying (at least for this project) and a motivating trip to the art store for supplies, I'm finally moving along with another one - this time a favorite quote from the movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." It's one of those moments in the movie where you don't know if Willy Wonka is a wonderful man or a sinister jerk. But I suppose if you're being challenged by Veruca Salt about whether a Snazzleberry is real or not anybody's impluse would be a mix of whimsy and jerkiness. Sigh, the great and wonderful Gene Wilder. 

We are the Music Makers, and we are the Dreamers of Dreams

The first thing I did was just brainstorm potential obejcts for "music makers" and "dreamers of dreams" before moving on to some ideas that come from the movie directly. I didn't want to start with the movie since it has a very distinct visual style, and I was worried about getting stuck there and not get to something original. I'm not sure if I want to reference the movie heavily or not. Here's my brainstorming list:

My reference material follows along the same lines, and I started to think about the kind of application I could use. So far I can imagine this quote coming together in a few ways:

  • as part of an illustration with the quote coming out of an instrument like music itself
  • text on a candy wrapper or a ticket - much like the idea of Wonka's golden ticket...dreams and music are entry to another place that is magical and full of imagination
  • maybe as the label on a vintage inspired candy tin or jar
  • in some application where the writing is written as with frosting on a birthday cake with piped borders...was thinking about how blowing out the candles on a cake is wishing for a dream to come true

Pencils sharpened and pens at the ready, I'm really excited about getting some more done over the long weekend. 

Dec 1st :: A Sketchy Warmup

Oh lord did this exercise ever take it out of me! I picked the word "music" from my quote which revealed immediately that I have an awful time with the letters "m" "s" and "c" despite having an "m" and "s" in my very own name which I've been writing and signing my entire life -- often to great copliments on their execution. But yes I had some difficulty. The "u" and the "i" were no servings of Fizzy Lifting Drink either, depening on the execution. 

  1. Script playing off the idea of piping in frosting and the "m" is inspired by the "w" in the Wonka Bars. I did a whole version of this italicized but it just felt too serious so I redid it, straight up. I'm pretty happy with it! I worry about the "c" being read as an "e" though. Will definitely be playing around more with this guy.
  2. Fancy Serif inspired by the word "BRAT" in the movie during one of the oompa loompa songs. It's a great treatment for letters like the "m" and the "i" but diffifult when you get to other curvier letters. The original plays with the weights but looking at it now I'd make everything the same weight. I think this might make it's way forward as key letters in the future. This is really when I realized I cannot plan for space to save my life. Notice the "c" is literally at the very edge of the page.
  3. Shape playing with the treble clef from my inspiration board and having the word "music" in the staff. I really don't care for this idea or execution at all. It sounded a lot better in my head. But it did make me think about the whole quote and the word "and" that hangs the two pieces together. Maybe there's something about the treble clef/ampersand idea that can be played up?
  4. Curve is the execution I dreaded the most but I'm not entirely unhappy with it. Clearly spacing is an issue for me. The type is from the original movie poster and I love it. It was a ton of fun to create. Will probably be coming back to it.
  5. Sans Serif is from an old candy tin, but as it was playing out I realized it was also that kind of Broadway-y font. Playing with the weights is a little hard, again on the curvy letters. The polka dot strips are also from candy inspiration but come off as bulbs in a sign too. It's kind of 'meh' to me.
  6. Representational is the letters knocked out of music notes...and the notes are the actual notes from the verse "the candy man can." Again, the spacing got off, and the letters aren't completely vertical. But I like that it's lyrical and has some movement, whereas other ones I did were very rigid in a way.

I was really surpised by how much time each direction took me, and I'm sort of intimidated by how long the upcoming exercises might take. To say nothing of finalizing! Or maybe once you get the hang of things it all moves quicker and you pick up tricks and stuff (feel free to confirm this in the comments or let me believe a lie if it's not the case, thanks). 

I will admit I had been absolutely dreading picking up a pencil and starting on this. I've never been great at drawing or sketching so this is pretty far out of my comfort zone. But none of these make me throw up so in my (sketch)book this is a victory. Huzzah!

Dec 2 :: All Thumbnails

Launching full force into thumbnail explore! I felt the need to stop and pull more type inspiration, especially ones that have some movement or irregularity to them. In the warmup I felt like I didn't have enough to reference while I was trying to figure out how to stylize letters. Looking forward to playing around with different styles within the phrase and maybe even within a word itself. 

So here's where I ended up!

I like a few of them very much. The snow globe idea was a last minute idea and right now it is by far my favorite. I love the idea that the sentence is held in something that symbolizes magic and beauty, especially as a child, and the words are so compacted that it feels like it's just been shaken up. I also like the candy jar too and feel it has a ton of potential with more decoration, as well as the direction that uses the "w" and "&" straight from the movie poster...including Wonka's hat. 

I think the challenge moving forward whichever I chose will still be leaving enough space at the end. Some of these get squishy. I guess that's what scanning and cropping is for!

I'm going to sit with these for a few days before I decide what to do next with these. Feel free to pipe in and make any suggestions or cast your vote for what should move forward.

P.S. It turns out the more you practice the faster it all goes. PHEW!


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