We are all the sons & daughters of time - Ray Bradbury

This is a quote from Ray Bradbury on addressing his own mortailty but doing so in such an optimistic and thankful way towards his life well lived.

Full Quote: "Here lies Ray Bradbury, who loved life completely. We are all the sons and the daughters of time, so I thank the universe for making life on earth and allowing me to come alive here."

Initial Opprutunities: Highlighting Sons and Daughters equally, playing up the time element, and taking a very opptimistic almost naive tone with the approach. Maybe looking to how the word we and all are bringing things together. 

My timeline:

  • grab inspirtation by mon
  • start sketching by tuesday
  • have something to post almost everyday

First Roughs (disappointed I couldn't get sketches in before posting but work/others has taken up time)


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