We are all human @virginiapalette

We are all human @virginiapalette - student project

Thank you Emiliano for your class.

I always saw your illustration and admired the work without knowing it came from you. Your work is truly amazing and holds meaning, which what I like the most about your illustration.

It's simple, relatable, no need word to explain. 

Your class inspired me to create this illustration portrait.

It was on my mind for a while but couldn't find a way to express it, and your class unlocked it. Thank you for giving me inspiration and motivation to try something new.

I am not too comfortable sketching on photoshop yet.

I saw so many amazing artworks on the project gallery and made me doubt whether I should showcase too, but I am still learning and I should embrace the process. 


So regarding my illustration, I've decided to draw a human, mi-woman, mi-man. A blond Caucasian man, an Asian girl, and black skin.

I got the skin inspiration from Winnie Harlow, a mannequin with vitiligo disease, which is not really a disease to me because she is beautiful the way she is and it makes her so unique and special.

On top of those ethnicities, I draw a mask, which shows that no one is safe against the virus.


When the virus first appeared, many Asian people faced racism, myself included. Many got insulted, beaten up whether they were wearing a mask or not. They were called "virus" just because of their skin color/race.

I wanted to show through this illustration that we are all human, we can be infected by the virus, so we should support and protect each other instead.

I hope some people will open their mind and understand that we are stronger together and only together, we can get rid of the virus.


Thank you for reading. 

Stay home, stay safe.


We are all human @virginiapalette - image 1 - student project

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