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We Will Get you Strong Enough to Fight a Bear

Fun Fact: A Black bear can weigh over 300 lbs., which includes massive muscles.

Sad Fact: The Average American spends over 5 hours a day watching TV or staying online.

Truth- We need to become more active in life. Because if we don't, bears will hunt us down and take our wives and our internet by the year 2021.

Please read on. 

You don't always get what you want. Your skin isn't perfect when you go to bed. You don't look good naked while sitting down.

But I have the Magic Weight Loss/Gain/Mood Enhancer pill.

It's called Hard Work.

People don't want to hear that, though. People change the subject. Change the channel, click another banner ad that show instant results in the next 3 hours.

There is no substitution for hard work.

But right here, we get you to your goals. We give you the mental toughness and that outlook to make you work hard. We help you keep to your goals. When you're tired, we don't yell at you to get up and keep going. We encourage you to keep fighting.
And you know what?

You'll find out you actually like it. You'll find out you like the feeling of hard work and you'll be hooked to keep making yourself a better person.

Boom. *Mind Blown*

Phase 1 - Working Hard

Not done yet.  have to add more of our images... stay tuned.


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