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Lisa Niver

Teacher, Writer, Traveler



We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel started with an idea to build a platform for our memoir from our sabbatical year. Traveling in SIn (our memoir) is now available on amazon and We Said Go Travel is a top 100 travel blog.

I like that Seth Godin talked about NO REGRETS! That is part of the theme for our 4th writing contest. I started the first one because ARTISTS SHIP!


We Said Go Travel is a Passport to a Global Community. Co-founders, Lisa Niver Rajna and George Rajna, are authors of Traveling in Sin.  Follow their ongoing exotic international adventures for authentic nomadic experiences and cultural highlights.  Get inspired by stories from every continent published by over 500 travelers and writers. Connect with tens of thousands of readers who share their personal journeys, photos and comments from every continent. Gain global awareness and immerse yourself in other cultures.



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