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Anthony Moore

We Live High!



We Live High!

Elevated Sense Clo Co. We Live High! High Culture, High Fashion, High Views.... If you look at the culture around you today, the standard has been severly lowered! From saggy pants to copy cats in fashion and design, its as if the community has fallen asleep. The rooster emboides a wake up call to the masses! To change the way that we view EVERYTHING! Fashion isnt just what you wear its how you conduct yourself, how you think and how you present the total package of you and your brand to the environment around you.


The picture above displays the beginning of the journey with the brand coming to life, humble beginnings to say the least! Still wanting to insight something to my peers I sat on this basic image for two years not able to print or build upon what I foresaw due to a plethora of reasons that attempt to crush all entrpreneurs. But I held true to the vision.


As you see above the red paint over the heathered blue shirt gives it a bold look. Wearable but speaking volumes with print and message....I want you all to live Elevated at all cost!

Three total years later I am very proud to have something to show the world and ensure you all that this is just the beginninng of a brand and line that I plan to use to not just make dope clothing but to make an impact and set a new standard that the culture is proud to look towards.

My story is simple in short, I have never had much more than a dream and never thought that things like this would be attainable. To kick start my clothing line would be half of the fulfillment in my quest to leave a legacy and change the game!


Elevation is the Key! 


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