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We Go Together Like

Hi guys!

For my project, I've put a twist to the phrase "we go together like." We always hear stuff like "we go together like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, copy and paste, etc." I wanted to do away with cliches which express perfect pairings. Anyway, not everyone is lucky enough to share Valentine's Day with someone who likes them back. 

I got this idea when a boy asked me to go to a ball with him. He was showing signs that he likes me (he gave me roses, a stuffed toy, etc.) but I couldn't tell him at that moment that I only see him as a friend! I didn't want to ruin his night. So I've thought why not make a gif for the people with whom you don't share mutual feelings with? :))

Here's a draft:

I drew with my micron pen, scanned my illustrations, and colored them in Photoshop. I also used my own handwriting for the text. I wanted to give my gif a personal feel because initially I wanted to make handmade cards for Valentine's. :)

Here's the final output:

Hope you like my gif! Greetings from the Philippines and happy Valentine's Day everyone! :D 


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