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We Eat Popular Culture or It Eats Us Or It Is an Illusion

   Food and eating habits are an important part of popular culture. They reflect us, how we live, how we behave..

    We are always in a hurry. We live in a disaster always and try to catch something. May be it is a bus to go to work on time, or an email or may be a movie. According to some scientific papers in 1920s a person learns information about as big as only one  New York Times news paper  in his whole life. But today it can be measured in minutes for us. This kind of life style effects many things. Our health, relationships also eating habits. Many of us eat something while driving or between two important projects and saying quickly quickly please quickly. So we almost always eat unhealthy food. Tasty yes but unhealthy. Then we face  many health issues too much sleeping or cannot sleep, feeling tired or more severe health problems. And one day we make big decisions like fitness or eating healthy food. This is the other face of popular culture eating habits. Many things are served to us for goal achievement. But in statistics 80% of these trials end with failure.

  We can blame our culture, life because it is difficult to survive, economic conditions, our work, many many things. But I think it is all up to us. We can find ten minutes to meditate between two movies. We can start doing things slower. Interesting when I say myself  'calm down, take it easy, slowly' I can work or sleep or read more efficiently. I can suggest if you like.


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