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We Are Passing Ships In The Night

First off, let me start by saying I am so excited about this class, it's been super fun so far and I feel like it's definitely helping me develop my drawing skills :) 

I chose the phrase "We are passing ships in the night" from the Queens of the Stone Age song "I sat by the ocean" from the album Like Clockwork. They are one of my favorite bands and the song and lyrics evoke such imagery that the minute I heard it I knew I wanted to do something artistic with it...I just didn't know what until I started taking this class. Now, I am embarking on a sort of DIY art education if you will. I am an artistic person by nature but I really want to develop illustration skills and I have a basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator from some online classes I took. I am very open to critique, just be kind please, lol. Here are some of my inspiration images! 

Next step, my list of words and a few styles using the word "Ships" 

Now I move on to some thumbnails....

I love the idea of adding Japanese style waves rolling through and I would really like to incorporate a compass in there but I think it may be tricky to not get the N, E, S, W of the compass directions mixed up with the letters of the words. I thought maybe using the S of the compass as one of the S's in "Passing"? On a larger piece of paper it may work out fine, we shall see! 

Ok, here's a sketch of an idea I'm working with. I didn't have a ruler with me at the time so spacing is a bit off, as well as some of the lettering especially in the word "passing". May also be hard to tell from the picture but the word "Ships" has a wood grain to it which I like, but I'm not so sure about the antique frame border? Time to do more sketches! 

Cleaned up sketch #1....Still not quite sure what to do with the border. Also, spacing still looks a bit tight in the middle.

Ok lots and lots of progress since I checked in with this project. I actually started taking mary kate's second class and I have learned a lot from that. I still have lots of work to do but I'm really liking how it's turning out! 


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