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We Are Forever

Hi this is the treatment for my Short Film : We Are Forever


By Saptarishi Das



BENJAMIN McCARTHY (27M), fondly called Benny by his family and band members is the front man of a small Progressive Rock outfit in Los Angeles. The recent diagnosis of his mother, who he dearly loved, revealed Stage II Cancer, which required immediate operation.

Being part of a small time outfit, Benny barely made enough money by playing small gigs at the pubs downtown. Disturbed by the news of his mother’s illness and his inability to pay for her treatment, Benny plans to immortalize her mother.

His life’s biggest fear, losing his mother, is imminent. So, he talks to his mother about how he will not be able to go on in life without her. Crying at his and her helplessness, Benny’s mother promises to write letters for him, which he will receive every week after she passes away.

Benny as usual, trying to escape the inevitable starts focusing back on his music to keep the negative thoughts at bay. It is one day during vocal tracking for his new album, he with his sound engineer realizes that they could copy any voice and then sample it as they wanted to and recreate it with the desired words.

For Benny, it was another way to immortalize his mother. He would bring her to the studio to record her voice and then sample it later to talk to himself in her voice. This was the only way he could still hear his mother after she passed away.

As Benny’s mother’s health deteriorated, Benny tried every way to raise money for her, but failed. Fortunately, one lucky day, the A&R Dept at Sony Music discovered Benny’s band and offered them a huge contract and signing bonus.On the way back from the studio, with the signing bonus, Benny was finally joyous and relieved that he shall be able to treat his mother and that he would not have to face his ultimate fear. 

But Alas!!!! On his way home, he meets with a road accident and dies. His mother is left with his memories, the letters he’d written for him and a few CD’s with her voices in it.

The story shows that sometimes, we do not have to face our worst fears, however way that may be. And maybe sometimes, it gets worse for others.


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