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Leah Noble

Graphic Designer in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia



We Are An Island, A Rock in a Stream

My project goes in chronological order, starting at the top. Scroll down to see progress.


The phrase I chose is part of a song that was written about the island I live on, Cape Breton Island. 

Phase 1: Brainstorming

My word dump looked like this: 

ocean, mountains, a people, Cape Breton, history, struggle, coal-mining, multicultural, steel plant, rocks, streams, water, proud, trees, boats, mines, smokestacks, island, solidarity, unions, labour, struggling, community, the land. 

Phase 2: Research

My moodboards: 

Phase 3: Letter warm-up

I did the word "Island" in seven different styles:

Phase 4: Thumbnails.

Then I worked on some thumbnails for how I want the final to look:

Phase 5: Rough sketch

I liked my thumbnail that incorporated the silhouette of the actual island (Cape Breton), as a rock in a stream with lines going around it to look like water. So that's what I did up as my rough sketch:

Rough sketch after feedback:

Mary Kate suggested playing with the letters within the island shape, and not having them touch. I also lightened up the water swirls around the island shape. 

Inked sketch:

I'm doing this project for a class at school (I'm in a two-year Graphic Design diploma program at the local community college), and I had to have something to show today, so I went ahead and inked up this sketch.


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