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Wayward Dragons

First of all I would like to start off with my blurb.

Blurb: Wayward Dragons is an awfully ambitious project I have been working on since august. It is an Epic Fantasy that I have very high hopes for. It's about a man who was raised as a peasant but has an unfathomable destiny. He and a friend go on a journey that may or may not span a trilogy. Along the way they will deal with political reprocussions and plenty of chracters. Anyone who has read Tolkien or has played games like "The elder scrolls" Will notice similarities.

Target Audience: That's a difficult question. Epic fantasy is not an easy thing to get into as there are complexities. Such as learning about a new world, but that is also a reason why I feel Epic Fantasy can be for anyone. It's an escape and in most cases you come back as a better person because of it. I personally love Epic Fantasy and Sci-Fi because of that exact reason.

Sneak Peek:

Wayward Dragons

Chapter 1

It's been a thousand years since the story was 1st told and Ettenwaith sits in the middle of a fragile peace. The humans and Dwarves whom once lived in harmonic peace have entered a competition to explore the mysterious continent that has emerged seemingly by some fell sorcery. The greedy Dwarves of the Hammerfall corporation want to go there to see if there are any precious minerals so they can achieve domination of all worldwide trade, while man being the religious archaeologists that they were,always wanting evidence of their dearly beloved dragon faith, looked for some proof of their God. There is a truce between the Eleborn Council and the Hammerfall Corporation but the council remains wary of Hammerfalls president Lord Greel and his ambitions.

There was one place within the world that remained generally uninformed however. A small hamlet that never bothered with the issues that went on as day to day life went about.A village that seemed as though a safe haven from constant political bickering between Men and Dwarves. This was Plent, named after the plenty of board which the village got it's reputation. Despite it's rustic nature however it was a haven for trade, constantly bustling with the sounds of merchants and fisherman, some even fairing from as far as Surmon itself.

However, It is in these times that we find Plent to be the home of the beginning of a new tale upon which there will be a new story to last for ages to come. You see Plent's most full stock was Fish. The area it was situated was on thewesternmost site of the continent of Kaas where humanity thrived and fish seemingly jumped into the pails of eager fisherman. It was  a very lucrative business for the village.

In this humble little place there lived a young man by the name of Andrian. You see he spent his whole life living without much happening. His family was loving and kind and taught him his letters but most importantly of all they taught this young man to have a good work ethic. When he was a lad he was tutored by his mentor and close friend Eamon whom at the time was studying to be a dragon priest.

"Honestly my good man I have no idea what your talking about." Said Andrian. "This stuff is fascinating if you take the time to look." Said Eamon. Andrian let out a chuckle and said "I think I much rather stick to working in fishing boats then becoming a lore master." Andrian smiled. "Fine have it your way!" Eamon said smiling. These two had an inseparable bond that would often become the joke of the town. There were actually rumors around town that Andrian and Eamon were secretly engaged, with same sex arrangements recently becoming legal with the church of Ura. It was not true though as they were just really close childhood friends. Eamon only being 4 years over Andrian.

When Andrian was a lad though there was one piece of Lore that always interested him It was the tale of the Dragon War. Constantly Andrian would pester Eamon often asking him to tell him the story. He would chuckle and say "My dear Andrian! I would love to tell you the story! It's important that you  remember the blood that was spilt that day! Do not listen to what the dwarves might tell you! This is history!" Clearly Eamon was as passionate about this story as Andrian was.

Time passed slowly, but nevertheless,it passed. Andrian grew up to be a strong fisherman but Eamon had been gone for years after he left Plent to finally pursue his studies and learn the art of Uras magic. Needless to say it was a painful parting for the both of them. During the time that they spent together it seemed like brotherhood. After Eamon had left Andrian continued on with his day to day life but every now and then Andrian would find his thought wandering outside the borders of Plent to wherever his friend was. The more he thought about it there seemed to grow a new personality trait. Plent was all he knew, now he wanted to know more.

Then one day it happened. Andrian was called by his father after reeling in a decent catch because he had an important errand. "My son..." Said Garth. "You've grown into a very powerful man and it seems Surmon is currently experiencing a surplus of supplies we need so we need you to head on out there and get us what we need." Andrians heart stopped. This is what he's been wanting to do for a while now. Andrian was afraid to leave his comfort zone but what welled up inside of him was a courage that surprised him. "Y-Yes father." Later that day he left on a cart.He looked and looked as his home dissappeared behind him until atlast he looked forward and saw the trade lanes in front of him.

Meanwhile at Eleborn tower there is an extremely important diplomatic meeting going on and no one's happy."Correct me if i'm wrong Mr. Lord Greel but do I not remember you once saying that your wealth gives you right to declare yourselves Lords of Ettenwaith? When our Lord Ura gave us this realm for us?""Arr that's a myth you made it up so you all can reign supreme!""Well no matter." Said the High Councilor. "What's brings the Dwarves to Surmon?" "If you must know." Said Greel. "We come because we must. We found a strange almost arcane obelisk in our Dig Site in the unknown lands and we are concerned." The high Councilor raises an eyebrow and says "This is concerning to us as well.Nobody but those who connect to Ura are able to practice the Arcane!""Aye whatever superstitions you might have let's put aside our differences and use your Wizards to find out whatever this object might be!" "Very well it is decided we shall send a group of Wizard-Priests to the Unknown lands to discover what this object may be.'

Meanwhile after the meeting of the races Andrian and his cart driver stop at an Inn on the road called The Minstrel and Cask. Andrian was tired from the long trip and was very happy to find rest. He was led up to his room and fell fast asleep. Unfortunately he did not sleep well as a nightmare consumed what little sleep he was able to get. He dreamed that Plent, Surmon,and even the Dwarven land of Geru was being burnt as the voices of millions being burnt alive went through the air. He tried to run and hide in a cave and in that cave he saw a bright luminescence that nearly blinded him. Their then seemed to be a voice coming from the light that was so powerful it made Andrian drop to his knees. It said"My son." Though it sounded nothing like his father. "You have a great destiny. You will be my second coming and will rule the land for ages to come." "Who are you?" Said Andrian. "That does not matter now I can only give you one piece of advice." The voice said. "Prepare Thyself."

Andrian awoke to a terrified start and looked around the room. "Just a Bad Dream." He said as he comforted himself with the thought. After he had some time to get his heart going again a knock came at the door. Andrian of course thinking it was morning and time to set off walked to the door without thinking twice. When he opened it he was immediately seized and thrown inside the room. What came inside with him was your general Ura priest except something looked oddly familiar about him."Andrian?" Asked the priest. "I'm sorry I don't know who you are and what you are doing here. Leave before I call the owner!"The priest closed the blinds and said "It's okay. He knows i'm here. We go back a few years." "What in the name of Ura's blood do you want?!" Andrian demand to know. Suddenly his face went pale.That birthmark over his eyebrow, the scar he had gotten while roughhousing with him when they were barely old enough to count. Andrian choked a sob when it dawned upon him. "We need to talk."Said none other but his old best friend.

"How long has it been?" Said Andrian as he set down a clearly shaken Eamon. "Look whatever is going on go ahead and tell me. We've been friends for years and you can tell me absolute anything." "I have seen the end.""What?" "Look you don't understand I was sent to find something down south and...Oh God!" Eamon burst into sobs and Andrian comforted him the best he could but there were no changes.

"Eamon..."Said Andrian. "I had a strange dream." "I know." Said Eamon. "I took you as a student and not only as a friend because I knew you had great possibilities." "I knew you weren't interested in lore but there was just...something. It was faint but I believe even the faintest light can quench the darkness." "Eamon my friend." Said Andrian. "You are wise beyond your years. Perhaps to wise for your own good. Now please tell me what you have seen." "Sorry." Said Eamon. "Like I said the Council was sending us wizard-priest's to check out a strange artifact in a newly discovered continent. When we got there...we were ambushed by Greels forces!" Eamon shuddered "I was the only member of my team that survived and it was only because I used magic that almost made me not." "I tried to hide in the bushes as Greel himself walked up to the artifact we were checking out and something seemed to magically emerge. I-I think it was a dragonkin of old." Andrian couldn't believe what his friend had just said. A Dragonkin? Like the old stories? He started to believe his old friend had gone mad. "It can't be." Was the only thing that came out of his mouth. "It promised to make greel rich beyond his wildest dreams." Said Eamon. "What's worse my dear Andrian,what ultimately made me understand that this is the end is I saw the Dragonkin claim that it was Mylanth." "The emperor of the dragonkin?"Said Andrian. "Yes my old friend." Said Eamon. "Did you inform the council?" Asked Andrian now feeling troubled and believing his friend. "They think i'm mad. They believe about the Dwarves attacking but not my sighting of Mylanth." "The council are gearing for war against Geru while remaining completely blind to the real threat!" "We can't just let this happen." Cried Andrian."We can't just let Mylanth take over the world!" "I think he wants to do more than just take over the world." Said Eamon."What?" "He plans to resurrect Uru."

"I may have a part to play in this."Said Andrian. "What?" "In my dream there was a voice." Said Andrian. "It said something like YOU ARE THE ONLY HOPE or something of that sort. I brushed it off but now it seeems to make sense."Andrian looked at Eamon and said "I have to defeat Mylanth." "Do you even realize what you are saying!" Exclaimed Eamon. "The Dragonkin are God's in their own rights." "We don't have a choice." Said Andrian. "My pa told me to do my job and if this is my job I gotta do it." Eamon looked at him with surprise and said"I think I know what that light I saw dwelling inside you was. It was courage."



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