Wayne Desveaux - Look book Project.

(Look Book Without frames + Product Shots) . Hey guys just wanted to update my project again, and upload the images without the frames aswell (as the others were made specifically for instagram)

LookBook Project Images: 

So here are the images I created late last week, for a small lookbook featuring a t-shirt I am releasing via my webstore. I am a big believe in the print industry and always loved the idea of people wearing my work. I also decided to use this as part of my skillshare project.

1. Look and Feel: As per my moodboard, I feel I was able to get the vibe I wanted. The idea was to get an urban, girl next door feel. I didnt want the enviroment to oversahdow what the whole point of the shoot was  (the t-shirt) . So I decided to shoot in a street behind my house, where there wasnt too much going on. I used a spot where there were'nt too many tones, and something a little bit darker to make the white of the t-shirt pop. There are alot of white buildings along the street, and with the reflection from the sun (even though it was a little cloudy that day), It gave me a nice fill on her skin. I decided to go with a warmer look in the photos to make her skin glow a little bit. 

I added the colour frames, as I've always liked the idea of having photos sitting inside wild frames. It adds alot of contrast to the actual image itself, and makes it look interesting. Also these images were going up on instagram as well. So I thought it was a cool touch, to do something a little different.  It may or may not work. But I dig it.

2. Self Critique: A drawback I feel from the shoot, was that I could have directed her a little bit more. Janelle is a close friend of mine who is acutally a stlist, and not really into modelling :P . But she was great none the less. We didnt have long to shoot this, and I overlooked that she used the same pose in the closeup photos. I may ave been too focused on the printed image on the shirt than the surroundings. This is something I will defintley keep in mind for next time, as I get more into shooting product photography. 

Looking forward to criques on my batch of images! Any tips or pointers would be appreciated.




This is my second moodboard. My first one, was more in the direction of how I wanted my shoot styled. I decided to gather up some images of similar atmospheres I wanted to create with locations and overall attitude of the series of images. I draw alot of influence from city urban culture. I ravitated towards images with alot of contrast and darker colours. 


Hi Everyone,

Really looking forward to this skillshare class. I am always eager to learn new things which will help me become a stronger photographer. Timing of this class is perfect as I am about to get started on a look book the day after the first class for a T-shirt I am releasing on my website, so I figured this would be a great project to use for this skillshare session, and apply some of the pointers from Jonathan that I may never have thought to use before. 

Really looking forward to seeing what everybody comes up with, and hopefully get some feedback on my own work aswell. This is gonna be really fun! good luck everybody.

website: http://www.waynedesveaux.com  / Instagram: @waynestagram  

Some examples of my work:


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