Wayfinding for The Christian Science Plaza, Boston | Skillshare Projects

Sarah Nichols

Graphic Designer in Boston



Wayfinding for The Christian Science Plaza, Boston

Hi! I'm Sarah and I work at The Christian Science Church in Boston. We have a beau-tiful plaza of 15 acres with quite a bit going on. We have signs posted around the Christian Science Plaza for events, but want to design a special wayfinding poster to help newcomers and tourists navigate around the rather large area.

I did a few designs that were ultimately rejected. It was suggested that a hand-drawn map might be great. I love the idea but am nervous about proceeding with it. I was so excited to find this class on SkillShare, so I'm starting this project right away and going to learn as much as possible!

The good news is I already have a place I need to map, and know it fairly well. We have some good digital maps already built, which I'll be using as a base. But I want to make this friendly and creative and something is useful to people. So, here I go.


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