Robin McGill

Artist + Illustrator



Waving Alien Girl


I started with this sketch from my notebook that wasn't made up for this project. I feel like this made the project a little bit harder because it didn't have extremely simple shapes.

Here is how it turned out. I used the clipping mask to put the pockadots on the skirt. I used the circle tool and deleted the top anchor, went to Effect>Distort & Transform>Zig Zag. I tried to use the method from the tutorial where you offset the path for two lines next to each other but I was having trouble with that part so I'll have to go back and watch that part of the tutorial. 

I used the Warp Tool to shape her legs and neck. I'll definitely be using that feature a lot more. 

For her hair I created a half circle and then used the Pathfinder tools to Merge and Minus Front. 

I'm excited to see everyone else's projects! 

Robin McGill 



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