Waves gently lapping the shore

Waves gently lapping the shore - student project

Waves gently lapping the shore - image 1 - student project

Title: Waves gently lapping the beach, calm summer scene with small white water waves

small waves, beach scene, sea water, ocean, summer, calm, gentle, waves crashing, white water, relaxing, breaking, Fremantle, bathers beach, Australia, splashing, nature, tide, flow, looking down, Indian ocean, no people, clean beach, outdoor, bright sunlight, golden, sand, tranquil, coast, wet, viewed from above, landscape, copy space, handheld


Waves gently lapping the shore - image 2 - student project


Title:  Wild Kangaroo eating grass on a summer day, close up handheld shot

kangaroo, close up, wild, animal, marsupial, Australian, eating, grass, park, summer, wildlife, handheld shot, long tail, brown, fur, crouching, sunny day, Western Australia, travel, green, nature, outdoors, meadow, native, nature, icon, national symbol, pouch, roo, feed, no people


Waves gently lapping the shore - image 3 - student project


Title: Underwater looking at the surface of a swimming pool on a sunny day

underwater, surface, swimming, pool, looking up, water, waves, reflections, swirl, blue, sky, sunny day, shimmering, bubbles, ripples, liquid, movement, motion, action, perspective, aquatic, dive, turbulence, lap, clear, relaxing, tranquil, drifting, no people, copy space