Waves (free form) & Seeds (planned)

Waves (free form) & Seeds (planned) - student project

Waves (free form) & Seeds (planned) - image 1 - student projectFirst of all I enjoyed this class very much! and the process was very liberating . Usually I panic when i am going to paint even when i know what I am supposed to paint! but this class was all about getting over that and saying its okay and just go with the flow! 

so the above painting is the free form painting. And i feel it resembles the waves and a whale or something .. it just makes me think of the sea.

And below is the planned . Well it started as planned but along the ways I had some oops moments and like the paint dripped and so i had to improvise and create other shapes from the drippings, which i believe it turned out great! I cheated with the gold, as it is not a watercolor but i love the shimmering effect it has given to the painting. I feel i might add some gold elements on the black shape but i just don't want to over do it and so i stopped ! 

Waves (free form) & Seeds (planned) - image 2 - student project

Abstract art for me was something completely different, but in this class i think i learned a different angle to the world of abstract art, which thanks to you  Marie-Noëlle I got to experience and which  I think I will be diving in more .

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback !

Thanks a million <3