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WaveSauce - pulp | surf | spyfi band show announcement

Good day,

WaveSauce has used MailChimp for a few years, and I felt I had a good understanding creating templates, designing the newsletter, and a decent way with words, however, I definitely needed a tune-up, fresh ideas, inspiration, and some general marketing advise.

I loved the course. It is was a great refresher, plus, I learned, and will utilize, new marketing strategies, subscriber segmenting ideas, and gained much inspiration from the gallery. I see myself revisiting this course.

WaveSauce is an instrumental pulp | surf | spyfi band. With the unique sounds of the Theremin — this band is sure to intrigue.

This campaign announced our upcoming show at the Tigard Library, an all-ages, family friendly show. Along with the MailChimp campaign, we also posted the show on online event and kids calendars, dropped fliers off at multiple county libraries, and posted on our social media.

The campaign

WaveSauce playing Tigard Public Library this Saturday



Our template

The WaveSauce template includes our current, upcoming show poster, a personal note, the show details, and on the right-hand navigation we include our logo, links to find us, a Like button, CD purchase links, and a couple reviews. Our colors and brand match across the template, our website, FaceBook, and other promo materials. Next step: Create a new template that works better with Mobile devises.

Our results

WaveSauce currently has 130 subscribers, but we would like that to grow.  This campaign received a 31.8% open rate and 4 clicks (about the same as past campaigns). The show had a great turn out; some folks who learned about the show through the email campaign, some from our FaceBook profile, and some walk-in library patrons.

I look forward to your comments and future course offerings.

Thank you,
Cookie / WaveSauce


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