Waterthose? - student project

Waterthose? A common expression to ask the question "What are those?" In reference to the rare footwear chosen by us...the Sneaker Community.

My name is Michael Craddock and by day I am National Sales Director of a sign company. My goal is to be able to use waterthose.com as an outlet to showcase my custom and restored(or sometimes custom restored) sneakers. As a 30+ year veteran sneaker enthusiast I used to sketch ideas for sneakers in my school notebooks(so much for notes...) now I'm able to take those ideas and actually create them. 

My site is my portfolio, but also being in sales I see the potential and value of being an afilliate for a select boutiques globally. This allows me to not only showcase what I can do, but also the best of what's available.

In addition I also write a weekly blog, with content applicable to the sneaker industry. So I will give insight, history and tell you the whole story when you ask me "waterthose?"

Eventually I'd like to take this skill of customizing sneakers and move into clothing and all points of lifesstyle design. Even work with others teaching them the skills and nuances of design, again just helping others visions and dreams be reality!