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Livy Hoskins

Lead Designer, Southtree



Watership Down

I was once told that you couldn't call a book one of your 'favorite' books until you had read it three times. I can safely say that Watership Down is not only one of my favorite books but that it is my number one favorite book of all dang time! I've probably read/listened to it around ten times, the bulk of that number being made during a road trip a few summers ago when I put the audio book on repeat. 

I'm going to try to sum this book up, although it sounds crazy if you haven't read it. Basically it's about a group of rabbits that leave their warren because one rabbit, called Fiver, has a vision that it's going to be destroyed. With Fiver's brother Hazel leading them, the group travels a great distance (for rabbits) encountering a great number of dangers that ultimately brings them closer together and strengthens their friendship. They finally stop at Watership Down, a perfect place for their new warren. And that's just the first half of the book! Next they have to go in search of does (lady rabbits) because the group is nothing but dudes. They find a huge warren that is overcrowded with lots of does that are willing to join them. Unfortunately it's ruled by a monster of a rabbit called General Woundwart. The Watership Down group manages to free some does but in the end they have to defend their warren against the General and his group. Of course, Hazel and the others win and it's awesome. There is much much more to this story than what I've outlined above, but those are the two basic parts of the book.

Other than being one of my favorites, I chose this book because thematically and visually there's a lot to pull from. Richard Adams spends a lot of the book describing the countryside the rabbits are traveling through. The various ordeals the rabbits endure are also easy to incorporate visually. Finally, I have used Watership Down as the basis for other projects when I was in school for graphic design. It's appealing to me to add another; it's like a series of Watership Down-themed pieces.

I'm very excited to get started on this project and I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up for their projects! I agree with Jessica when I say that I'm gonna have to make a book list based off everyone else's picks!

Oh yeah! The author's name is Richard Adams, so my letter will be 'A'!


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