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Watership Down by Richard Adams

I’m going to design a drop cap being greatly inspired by Richard Adams and his “Watership Down” novel. The drop cap will definitely contain rabbit ears and as my favorite character is Bigwig (whose distinctive feature is his fringe) I’ll probably do my best to include it as well. 

I'm from Belarus, the country you've hardly ever heard of. That's why the cover doesn't represent Latin script but Cyrillic one. 

Need help. Can't make up my mind.

I’ve got at least four ideas but more and more are appearing. They just don’t let me fall asleep every time I go to bed.

Anyway, first, I wanted to concentrate on features of rabbits: mainly, their ears. I’ve made a superlong list of all the characters I could remember. Almost all of them are rabbits. That’s why this very idea seemed brilliant to me. The ears will reflect what the book is about perfectly. 

Unfortunately, when I made a sketch I realized that it looks a little bit weird but still lovely. Maybe I need to put more details into my work? And what about the “paws”? Should I leave the serifs or toes? 

Then, I skipped through the list again and noticed that there are so many names based on plants. Why not use some natural motifs? I do enjoy floral ornament, especially berries and leaves.

Finally, it came to mind that the conditions the rabbits tried to survive are not necessarily severe. In the end they managed to find a peaceful habitat. The drop cap can be even elegant in this case. 

Which one should I develop? I’d be extremely grateful to you for any piece of advice.

Thank you in advance!


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