Waternons Family Crest

Waternons Family Crest - student project

I've got a whole bunch of things my family do and until now no one has illustrated it. Seeing as Monsieur Draplin had a course on how to make a family crest it made sense to grab all the fun shit me and my family do/have been through and shove it on a shield. 

First port of call was to ask the fam what they think it means to be a Warrington. Main points were:

– Big skiers & Snowboarders. We've done it since our brief period living in Switzerland over 20 years ago. 

– Tattooing, my sisters a tattooist so you can't really leave that by the wayside.

– We've had a lot of seamstresses in the family. My other sister even did costume design so you know, wazz that in. 

– We've played golf all our lives too and I've got to big up my mum who's been a lady golf captain for two years running. 

A lot of this project was playing around with various different shapes and styles as is probs natural. I'm not gonna run my mouth off about it so here are some pictures of what I went through. 


Waternons Family Crest - image 1 - student project


I ended up going for a pencil-like laurel because it looks nice and I guess we are an arty family.

From there I built up all the elements to go inside, all based on those original points. I kind of accidentally started with the mountain and I'm glad I chose this first. I'd never done line shading and wanted to give it a shot. I drew up the mountain on its own and out of curiosity dropped it on the crest. It all looked gravy stations so I carried this style across everything.  Fun fact, that mountain is a representation of the Matterhorn, one of the big bois of Switzerland. 


Waternons Family Crest - image 2 - student project


After doing all of this I chucked it into a shield, positioned my Laurel and added a weird family name my late father used to call the family. It worked in black and white so I thought screw it and started playing around with colour. The first is meant to be a natural foresty palette representing that oh so green Matterhorn. The second honed in on some garish colours you can see in old Swiss ski badges. The last is just some random bright colours. Hope you like it and thanks Aaron Draplin for a banging course. 


Waternons Family Crest - image 3 - student project