Watermelon Salsa | Skillshare Projects

Aerica L

Illustrator & Designer



Watermelon Salsa

Just starting out this class. I want to make a little recipe zine that I will hand out at my next Artisan Market that I help run in Rhode Island. I serve the food there and will be serving watermelon salsa next time the even happens. I will include this little zine in the bags of the watermelon salsa and chips.

I've created the cover so far and have the idea for the inside sketched out.


Here's a process of the layout. Will hopefully get everything finished tomorrow night. I'll be pushing the basil leaves over a bit to fill in the space next to the bowl as well.


Final page layout. I don't have a printer so I can't show the assembled product, but once I do, I will add that photo as well. Like I said above, I will be including this in bags that I serve watermelon salsa at the Danielson Artisan Market in Foster, RI, August 15th and 16th.



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