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Jessica Hunt




Watermelon Moon Phase

I couldn't wait to start this project after I found it today! I didn't do the mood board because I didn't want to hit the shops (I'd already been out all day). I just looked up some cute imagery online.

I decided to go with watermelons as my chosen food... Coz they're awesome!

So I sketched out some quick thumbs.


I liked the look of them all in a line, which gave me the idea for the moon phase. I then sketched them out a few times to flesh out the idea some more.



Then it was time to paint (YAY!) I really loved the idea of adding shadow, it definitely makes it "pop". I loved just painting really simply, it was very theraputic ^u^


I then painted a very simple background. Not 100% sure about it but we'll see how it looks once photoshopped : )


Now its time to scan and get digital! Woooooo!!!

Been playing around in photoshop for a while now... I think I removed the background a bit differntly to Amarilys, I ended up giving my watermelon a refined edge that was feathered so it looks a bit softer when I placed it on top of the watercolour background. It looked good crisp too but I felt the softer edge worked better. I adjusted the hues of the background a bit too and I think I'm going to go with the orangey one on the right : ) What do you guys think?


Now I just need to think of a quote!!! Yippeeeeee :D

Ok so the quotes a bit lame... I couldn't think of a good one >n< Aaaand hand lettering is certainly not my forte, but I want to improve! So anyway, here it is. I'm not sure about which placement I like best. Can I please have some opinions?



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